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Latch Lake Pro Pack 1

Latch Lake Pro Pack 1  mikrofono stovo su priedays komplektas 1100 Stand, 3x XB24BK, 1x SGMM. Galima pakabinti 4 mikrofonus ant vieno stovo.


Latch Lake Pro Pack 1  mic stand set 1100 Stand, 3x XB24BK, 1x SGMM


This Latch Lake Pro Pack 1 is the perfect choice for any recording studio. It includes a heavy-duty 1100 mic stand, 3 x XTRA BOOM 24BK adjustable boom arms, and a 1x SGMM. This set helps you care up to 4 microphones on one stand! Its patented design has been tested for maximum stability and durability, ensuring that you can record with confidence. This pro pack is an essential tool for any studio, providing you with a versatile, reliable, and secure setup for all of your recording needs.

Latch Lake Pro Pack 1

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