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Centrance DACport PRO

DACport Pro gives your laptop a pair of XLR outputs, so you can connect it to any professional sound equipment. Most laptops have noisy audio jacks and cannot deliver high quality audio. DACport Pro solves that problem. Designed by audio pros, it features top-grade audiophile components. This results in much lower noise and distortion, better resolution and clarity. And since it fits in the palm of your hand, it lets you achieve consistent sound in any venue.


Whether you are a traveling recording engineer, a touring keyboard player, a club DJ, or a home studio owner, you probably work from your laptop. No matter where your work takes you, now you can enjoy a consistent sonic signature in any location. In addition to its portability, this compact, yet versatile, mastering-quality DAC and Headphone Amplifier can also serve as a Studio Monitor Controller.

Centrance DACport PRO

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