Line Audio 8MP

Line Audio 8MP mikrofoninis pradinis stiprintuvas


Power requirement: 48V DC 0.5A. External 100V-240V AC power supply included (EU plug). Other plugs available on request. (prior to serial number 9000: 15-18VAC 20VA 50-60Hz)

Frequency response: 5Hz - 100 KHz +-0.5dB (2Hz - 200KHz -3dB)

Gain: 60dB with balanced output. (with unbalanced output 54dB) The gain of the input stage has two fixed settings giving max 60dB or 40dB gain.

Harmonic distortion: 0.002% at -6dB below max level, at full gain of input stage 0.005% at -3dB below max level, at full gain of input stage

Highpass filter:100Hz, 12dB/oct switchable. Other frequency on special request

Inputs: Electronically balanced 

Input impedance: 10Kohm 

Input level: max 3.2V RMS / 320 mVRMS (-20dBPAD / no PAD)

Input noise level: -128 dBU/dBm (100ohm termination, 20-20KHz B/W) -133 dBV (input shorted)

Phantom power: +48V fed through 2 x 6.8 Kohm resistors 

Phantom current: 10mA per channel, all channels loaded

Outputs: Electronically balanced.

Output impedance: 300 ohm (150ohm+150ohm)

Output level: max 15V RMS 

Output DC offset: max 1mV at 40dB gain, max 10mV at 60dBgain (PAD disengaged) 

XLR Polarity: Pin 1 ground, pin2 positive, pin 3 negative. For unbalanced output: use pin2 for signal and pin1 for signal ground (pin 3 ahould be left unconnected).

Size: 483 mm (W), 43.7 mm  (H), 153mm (D). Depth behind rack rail: 131mm.


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Line Audio 8MP

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