Amphion Amp100 mono (Discontinuerd exDemo)

Amphion Amp100 mono Mono amplifier 100W


  • Compact in size and weight but as poweful as its bigger sibling.
  • Designed specifically for use in mobile rigs, or locations with limited space.
  • World-class performance ensured by Adaptive Modulation Servo Technology.


Power rating: 100W, 8Ω

Dynamic range: 115 dB

Certification: CE, EuP and Energy Star 

Weight: 0,8 kg (18 lbs): Mains
Input voltage 230/115V: auto select

Inputs: 1x Neutrik XLR input

Speaker connectors: Two-pole Neutrik Speakon binding post

Casing: High-quality aluminium

Assembled in Finland

Amphion Amp100 mono (Discontinuerd exDemo)

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